About The TechFlames

The TechFlames taps into its strong business acumen to find solutions to the unique set of challenges and constraints imposed by each new project and delivers solutions that fill performance gaps. We have a proven track record of successfully meeting deadlines and executing the most complex projects within budget while consistently maintaining the highest quality.


Fully Customized Websites

We understand the importance of communicating your brand’s consistency through your website. That is why we build your website around your brand, making sure you’re easily distinguishable from your competitors. We design your website carefully and tastefully, keeping in line with your brand’s values and message so that you can make an authentic online impression that lasts.


Logo & Brand Identity  

Your brand is the face of your business. It represents your company’s services or product, values and personality. Your Logo is an important component of your Brand Identity and your visual voice. Your business logo is the symbol of your business and is seen through your brand identity and everything that your business does.


Business Consulting

In an Internet-driven world where changes come fast and hard, such ability becomes critical especially when it comes to software development for your business needs. We work toward providing expert and experienced business consulting services from Software Development, Data base Applications, Intranet Solutions to Mobile Applications and more.


Search Engine Optimization

For an online business to be seen by potential clients, it is important to use the services of a professional search engine optimization company like The TechFlames for making strong solid marketing plans. Website creation and search engine optimization are inter-related and when executed correctly, it can increase your revenue. SEO can also provide better brand visibility, more visitors to your site as well as higher rankings in the search engines.


Make an impression

We offer a range of graphic design and print services, including brochures, stationery, annual reports, business cards, packaging, Illustrations, patterns and more. Our creative team make sure your brand and message is communicated clearly so that it attracts your audience. We help you build a consistent professional brand that brings your vision to life within your budget.


Your Digital Marketing Needs Are Unique

At TechFlames, our marketing professionals have decades of combined experience. Having worked with many different industries, each with different goals, we know that you and your business has distinct needs. We will take the time to learn about your business, understand your goals, and create a plan that fits your online marketing needs.



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